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Date: January 30th 1919
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

No 66


Jan 30th 1919

Dear Mother & Dad.-

Well how is everything at home these days? Hope you are both keeping in good health and sprits. I suppose the main thing now is when will I be home. Well I haven't the least idea, but anyway the time is going on and every month means a bit closer home. It is over 2 ½ months since the Armistice was first signed so it is time some of our started to get back. I guess the only thing is to be patient and wait our chance.

It is pretty cold here now, the other day we had about an inch of snow, it is nearly gone now, but it is trying to snow all the time. The roads are all like ice it's a deuce of a job trying to walk on them. I don't think we will be here much longer and we will sure be glad to move as it is an awful dead hole.

I had a letter from McLean last night, he has been on two weeks leave to England and had a wonderful time I have been very lucky with my letters in fact I guess I get more than my share, some of the boys wanted to know if I had a monopoly on the mail. I sure like getting the letters, but it's a big job answering them all.

I am billeted with a corporal and another fellow by the name of Davis We have a pretty good time considering, every night we have a sing song and believe me its some singing, it seems to amuse the old people in the house a lot

They are giving three day passes to Bruxelles but I don't know If I will bother about one, as it costs a lot of money, everything being very expensive there and I am short of cash.

How are Pat, Rosie and [?] these days? I guess Pat had forgotten all about me by now; it will surprise him when I blow in again.

Well there is nothing to write about so I will close, hoping to have more news next time.

As ever

Your loving son


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