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Date: February 28th 1919
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard



Feb. 28th 1919

Dear Mother & Dad.-

I intended to write to you yesterday, but got into an exciting little game of 500 and couldn't break away. We play 500 or crib all day now, and it sure helps to pass the time away. Four of us have chummed up together, all Canadians, and we always play together. Two of them left for England yesterday for further treatment, and I leave today for the base, as cured, so there is only my side kicker, [?] Goldie, left, and he will be down at the base so our little party is all broken up.

I am anxious to know now if I go across to England or back to the battery, I don't think though, that there is much chance of going to the battery again, up to now, they have always gone to England once they got down this far, so unless they bring in some new rule I am safe. They only thing is, there are so many going to hospital sick, that the batteries are getting short handed.

However I will let you know in a few days what is going to happen, I would hate to go back now after the casy time I've had the past three weeks, and it will make a difference of 3 or 4 months in getting home too. I haven't received any mail for a long time not since I left the battery, guess it will follow me in time except the parcels, they don't follow forward them, so don't send any more. It's too bad to lose them, but if I get home sooner I don't mind the loss. Did you say that you sent some more Gillette Razor Blades? If do I haven't received them yet.

I guess the safest way will be to send my mail to Uncle Walter's at Chatham, and I will tell them where to forward them. Just send them to me, [?] of uncle Walter, the address is "Hillside" Gladstone Rd. is you have forgotten it

How are Tom & Ruth getting on these days, hope they and the baby have all recovered from the 'flu. I haven't heard from them for some time. I see they have the 'flu in England again and pretty bad too.

Remember me to the Norris' and any other friends who are still interested in me. Is George home yet?

Are you both keeping well? hope the neuralgia isn't bothering you, ma, or your heart, you, Dad. Best regards to Pat, Rosie & [?]

Must close now and get dinner

Your Loving Son


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