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Date: August 21st 1918
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

No. 30

Witley Camp
August 21st 1918

Dear Mother & Dad:-

Received 3 letters today, one from Frances Novis, one from a girl in Victoria and the other from Phoebe. Frances says that Tom is getting as fat as a hog, judging from a photo he sent them of him and George taken together in France, but I guess Mrs Novis has told you all about that. I didn't receive a letter from you this week, and haven't got the parcel yet, but I guess it will be alright, some of the boys have to wait quite a time after they get the letters saying they have been sent.

Sunday night I went to a lecture by the Rev. [?] Francis who spoke to us recently on what America was doing in the war, I think I told you about him. This time he preached a Sermon, being a Sunday, and I enjoyed it immensely. He is a splendid speaker, the kind the boys will listen to and take notice of what he says. I guess a little religion occasionally wont hurt the majority of us either.

The musical part was selections on an accordion, and that man could sure play, he had anyone I've heard beat a mile, he nearly made it speak, as ma would say. It must have been a dandy instrument, it sounded just like a first class pipe organ, he gave an imitation of church chimes, and the pipe organ after, it was very realistic. He also played "Star of the Eve," which we have on the Gramophone and played it well. Before the sermon we had a half hour song service had a real conductor leading us and he sure made us sing. Never heard more noise from a bunch of men, it sounded [remainder of letter is missing]

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