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Date: April 5th 1917
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

Hope you can read this, I have [?] job to myself, it [?] make the letter seem larger.

Thursday April 5th 1917

Dear Mother & Dad.-

Here we are once more, we are just travelling along the Ottawa River, about 150 miles to Ottawa which we [?] [?] sometime tonight. Hope we get there in time to see something of the town, I would like very much to see the General Post office there but of course there will be no chance of that. I haven't seen any part of the country that I like [?] as well as British Columbia, she has them all beat for nature scenery. Ontario is a great place for lakes and [?] [?] [?] [?] passed hundreds of them. We are never out of sight of water for more than a [?] of the time the scenery isn't much to write home [?] As Doug would say as it is all rock and small half dead looking trees.

Last night we saw the Northern Lights which were very pretty, and lasted a long time. We spent the evening playing 500, Dominoes and [?]. One good thing here is if you get tired of played with one bunch of fellas, its easy to get someone else to play with. I was [?] [?] last night went on from 4 to 6 P.M. -10 [?]P.m.-4 to 6 a.m. and 10 to noon I didn't mind the duty at all, there isn't anything really to do, just to [?] [?] nobody gets in or off the train at the different stops. I borrowed Ralph [?] new book the [?] [?] [?] myself reading that during the [?] small hours of the morning.

Believe me that luminous wrist watch is Jake. I can wake up any-time during the night and see the time without striking a match or hunting for a watch. I just have to bring my hand in front of my and there you are, and the darker it gets the plainer you can see it. It [?] keep good time too, although its hard to tell exactly as we have to [?] out watches on an hour nearly every day to keep up with the distance difference in time between places, so sometimes when we think it is [?] [?] they tell us to change out time to 10. We don't [?] that at all arrival mealtimes.
I believe I could sleep anyway now getting to be quite than all soldiers in that respect but then I never [?] have much trouble in sleeping, the [?] trouble is to wake me up when I do [?] asleep. The carriages are loud [?] the seats can be pulled out and form a bed, two seats forming a double bed above the bed seats other beds are [?] by chains from the ceiling, forming a bed for 2 more although it is pretty close quarters, but very seldom 2 sleep in them. The first night 2 of us slept in [?] upper bunk, it sure was a hard bed but I managed to get a good [?] rest. Since I have been below. Just arrived at a nother small station of which [?] are lots, but very few large places.

I forgot to tell you Tom was made [?] bombardier for the duration of the train trip. Personally I [?] [?] be in the ranks as they only get more work and responsibility and no more. I guess the responsibility would do a fellow good, though. They made about 8 of them bombardiers, so it seems as if half the fellows have a [?] [?] [?] We have 3 corporals, 2 sergeants and the Lieutenant is charge as well.

We haven't been able to [?] [?] [?] later than Wednesdays, so for all we know the war may be over.

The weather still continues perfect not a cloud in the sky, and the sun shining as if it never [?] [?] [?] The nights are cold and frosty outside. How are things in Victoria, same as [?] [?] [?] I guess except to you two. Has anybody been around to see you yet as [?] [?] me they would. I don't care if Mrs. [?] calls or not as she is kind of a job [?] [?] I'll be back home this time.

Best Reguards

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