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Date: April 15th 1944

New Westminster B.C.

April 15, 1944

Dear Son,

Just received a letter from you, it is the first this week, am very disappointed that you have not received any parcels yet, somebody else must be getting them or they have gone to the bottom of the Atlantic. However if you do not receive any by the next time I hear from you, I am going to write to Ottawa & have them check up. The only trouble with that, I don't know the date on which they were sent.

Was it town yesterday & made out an order for 1,000 cigarettes & am having them sent through British Columbia House, the only trouble with that is that you might have to wait two or three month befor they start to come through, but one thing you will be sure of getting them. Will go each month & renew the order so they will keep coming. It is much the cheaper way to send them just 2.75 for 1,000 exports I ordered. We sent your slippers and bathing suit today.

Yes I think Mrs. McLeods neice is young don't know anything about her only what Mrs. Mac told me. However I think they are pretty nice people. We are having a victory bond drive this month. Your bond hasn't arrived yet but will let you know as soon as it does. How would you like me to invest in another one for you?

Ruth asked me to ask you if you knew about Percy Macglaughlen bagging his second German plane his picture was in the paper with all the trimmings added. Aunt Peg had a letter from Gene he was telling her that he has had 10 flights so far if he keeps on he will soon be coming home on leave, Ruth had a letter from Norman today he hasn't seen any action yet but say he expects to soon.

Mr. Podmore is going hiking tomorrow up the mountain, he has borrowed your pack board, I am going to watch him go tomorrow as the board is nearly as big as he is.

Carlgene Habruson is going in the hospital to train for a nurse. I guess her mother will be pretty lonely as they are always together. Well must away now & post this as it is nearly mail time so until next time with all my love Mom.

P.S. Ruth just sent a big letter by ordinary mail.

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